Conceived at an Abba concert and born in a Rage Against The Machine mosh pit, Shabby Hasan is no stranger to loud, live music festivals and shows.  Ever since attending his first Ozzfest festival in 1998, he’s been at and worked multiple US and European festivals annually, while still doing his day job of teaching people to fly airplanes.  While in the USAF, stationed in the United Kingdom, he flew with fellow pilot, Bruce Dickinson, of Iron Maiden during the filming of "Flying Heavy Metal."  If he’s not at a show or in the cockpit, you’ll find him running marathons, writing, interviewing, photographing, motorcycling, working out, travelling the world and most importantly, spending time with his two daughters.  He also brings on board his extensive webpage design and tour managing experience.


The atmosphere of live music that produces visually stimulating energy from artists on stage accompanied by powerful sound is something that has always appealed to this hardcore, crowd surfing, music fan since her teenage years and younger. Attending concerts and large festivals of all music genres has developed into one of her most passionate hobbies as an adult and  it only made sense to dive further into the realm of the music scene from a journalism standpoint.  Aside from her busy career as a nurse, traveling from coast to coast with her teenage daughters for competitive sports or pumping iron in the gym, it is guaranteed that this on-the-go photog will be at a gig somewhere, camera in hand.  Never doubt that the “somewhere” mentioned here could possibly be side stage at a Korn concert compliments of guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, in the masses of 80,000 fans at Download Festival in England hanging out with friend and bassist Cordell Crockett of Ugly Kid Joe, backstage on a moment’s notice interviewing lead singer Josh Todd of Buckcherry, being pulled up on stage by Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit during Shiprocked for a dance session, or eating donuts with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood after attending their press conference …. Insert. Jealousy. Here.