Brad Paisley brings his Crushin' It World Tour to Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS

Three time Grammy award winner Brad Paisley brought his Crushin' It World Tour to Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS on February 25, 2016 with opening act Eric Paslay.  New country sensation Cam, best known for her hit "Burning House" was set to open the entire show but had to cancel early in the day due to reported flu.  She tweeted to fans "Dear Wichita,  I'm sick with the flu & high fever and can't perform tonight.  I am so incredibly sorry!!! Love you all."  

Not to be confused with Brad's last name of P.A.I.S.L.E.Y, Eric P.A.S.L.E.Y took the opportunity to get the crowd of nearly 6,000 in attendance pumped up and ready for a long night of country hits.  Eric is most famously known for singles "Friday Night" "Song About a Girl" "She Don't Love You" and "High Class," all of which were crowd favorites during his one hour set.

With a short 20 minute intermission in between artists, Brad came on at a very early 8:50 pm with opening number "Riverbank" in which the enormous illuminated backdrop of a screen displayed Brad partying along just that, a riverbank and his good friend Squirrel water skiing throughout.  

It would be during "Celebrity" that a larger than life Brad Paisley mascot would appear from backstage and take a stroll around the catwalk that extended around the floor pit to greet fans with high fives, hand shakes and selfies.  If fans weren't excited about the real life Brad before them, there was definitely no question that mascot Brad had each and every person in the arena completely amused. 

Mascot Brad was just one way that fans were kept intrigued throughout the one hour and 40 minute set.  During the entire show different sets of VIP fans could be seen being escorted on and off the stage to enjoy a number or two and for that matter a drink or two at Brad's Tavern,  an actual bar on stage.  One lucky, young fan near the front of the stage received an autographed acoustic guitar from Brad; a high class gesture Brad is known for at every show. 

Keeping up with modern times, while Brad was at the back of the house on a smaller stage he took out his cell phone and Face Timed into what appeared to be a dressing room in which he led into the song "Remind Me."  Fans erupted into applause immediately as they knew exactly what awaited them.  Moments later a beautiful Carrie Underwood would run into the dressing room and sing her part of the duet.  If this wasn't a way to reach out to the younger, tech savvy generation in the audience, I don't know what would be.  Immediately following this number Brad let his older generation know he was there for them too and performed "Old Alabama" while displaying video of the band Alabama on the stage screens in which the musicians appeared to be singing with him.  

Brad was full of these intimate fan moments throughout his entire set.  At one time he took to middle stage and simply stated "I don't know what to say, all my prayers are with the people, I believe it's north of here,"  referring to a senseless, mass shooting that had taken place only hours before the concert in  Hesston, KS, a small town just north of Wichita that had left the city and surrounding communities in shock and struggling to find answers and details while simply setting out for a night that should have embraced nothing but good times and happiness.  "We're in a room full of people that want to go on living and celebrate life in America and that's exactly what we're going to do."

With that, the crowd gave what was probably one of the loudest and most united applause's of the night.  And even if it were for just a few hours, on this night,  everyone in the room did celebrate life, thanks to you Mr. Brad Paisley.  You are welcome here anytime sir.  For your thoughtfulness, Wichita thanks you.

You can still catch Brad on the rest of his Crushin' It World Tour. See remaining dates here


1. Riverbank

2. Water

3. Moonshine in the Trunk

4. Celebrity

5. This Is Country Music

6. Beat This Summer

7. Perfect Storm

8. Country Nation

9. Whiskey

10. American Saturday Night

11. I'm Still a Guy

12. She's Everything

13. Ticks

14. Old Alabama

15. Waitin' on a Woman

16. Remind Me

17. Southern Comfort Zone

18. I'm Gonna Miss Her

19. Crushin' It

20. Mud on the Tires


21. Online

22. Then

23. Alcohol


Barry Manilow Brings It 'One Last Time' At The Intrust Bank Arena

Musical legend Barry Manilow brought his 'One Last Time' tour to the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS on Friday, February 19th.  Accompanying Barry for this show was Michael Lington, a Danish-American contemporary saxophonist who has worked with talented musicians such as Michael Bolton, Aaron Neville, Randy Crawford, Bobby Caldwell, Kenny Lattimore, Ryan Shaw, Joan Sebastian, Christian Castro and many others.  Barry Manilow himself has won multiple American Music Awards, Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and countless other nominations and awards during his career spanning over four decades.  His timeless treasures were set to be well received by his fans known as "fanilows" of all ages from the man who '"writes the songs."  With his band of 13 musicians and singers, Manilow said, “We’re having a great time putting the show together.  We hope to take everyone on an emotional roller coaster. I can’t wait to see everyone dancing in the aisles.”  Dancing in the aisles is exactly what the fans thoroughly enjoyed at the Intrust Bank Arena this particular evening thanks to both Michal Lington and Barry Manilow.

The Intrust Bank Arena itself was the perfect host venue for Michael and Barry as it's newly opened concessions offer quite a bit of variety in terms of food and beverages, such as Qdoba with it's piled-high nachos and stuffed burritos and Wild Leaf with it's flatbreads, wraps and salads.  For an all ages show, it makes for a real treat to be able to go out with the family on a Friday evening to such an event and be able to patronize the venue's many, many on-site amenities.

Michael Lington

Michael Lington's saxophonic melodies opened up the evening at 7:30pm sharp with a lively medley of original songs as well as some favorite covers such as Kenny Loggins' "Danny's Song," which was one of the high points of his set. Michael continued to lead the arena with sing-a-long songs such as Isaac Hayes' "Soul Man" and Prince's "Kiss."  Michael's set was short but very entertaining.

A red curtain faced the crowd that eagerly awaited the Brooklyn born musician they all had waited to see.  At 8:15pm suddenly the lights dimmed, and the red curtain rose to a shadowy figure wearing a tuxedo jacket with tails standing in a spotlight.  The very introduction of Barry Manilow to the audience in this manner was  a tribute to shows of the past.  The energy and charisma of Barry Manilow, now 72 years old, would have you believe he is much, much younger from his very comedic dialogue as well as his boisterous stage movements and presence.  Audience members could be heard swooning over his every word and one lucky local fanilow was treated to an on stage dance with Barry when he looked her in the eyes in the front row and asked her, "do you want to dance with me?" during his performance of "Could It Be Magic."  Barry was accompanied by backup dancers and singers as well as a full band on high risers that completely complimented his stage presence and delivery.  Michael Lington made an appearance on stage with Barry as well during Barry's performance of "Brooklyn Blues."  One of the best moments of the night was when Barry took a moment to talk to the crowd about how if it weren't for his high school orchestra that he was a part of in high school years ago, that he would not be on the stage this evening had it not been for that major influence in his life.  Manilow then went on to describe his Manilow Music Project, that collects donated musical instruments that may be collecting dust in your home and could be used by a student in a school system that can no longer afford to buy instruments for their music programs.  The audience applauded loudly as he spoke of the many schools and children this project has been able to help so far.  "Music will change a young person's life," Barry said, and he is afterall, living proof of this statement.  

Barry Manilow

Barry's setlist from this performance can be read below, however a notable performance was when he sang "Mandy" while playing the piano as the 1975 version of Barry Manilow performed on screen during The Midnight Special performance that catapulted his career so many years ago.  Another unique and special performance was when Barry sang one of his songs off his recent Dream Duets album that was grammy nominated, "Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart," sang with an on screen Judy Garland.  Truly an amazing concept and performance that was a complete treat to all in the audience.  Performing hit after hit, Barry did not take any long breaks or extended time for an encore before finishing his performance with the all-time favorites, "Copacabana" and "It's A Miracle."

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow, who recently had to cancel performances due to an emergency oral surgery, left no doubt that he can certainly bring it "one last time."  His showmanship and grandeur are something that is rarely seen in today's performances. Whether you are a fanilow or "dragged to the show" as Barry even joked, you'll want to catch one of these timeless and very entertaining performances one last time.


Barry Manilow


 Wichita, KS

February 19, 2016

1. It's A Miracle
2. Daybreak
3. Somewhere In The Night
4. Can't Smile Without You
5. Looks Like We Made It
6. Could It Be Magic
7. Brooklyn Blues
8. I Am Your Child
9. Even Now
10. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
(James F. Hanley cover) (duet with Judy Garland video)
11. Memory
(Elaine Paige cover)
12. Weekend In New England
13. I Made It Through the Rain
14. Mandy
(Scott English cover)

15. One Voice
16. The Old Songs
17. Bandstand Boogie
18. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
19. New York City Rhythm
20. Some Kind Of Friend
21. Read'em And Weep
22. Ships
23. Somewhere Down The Road
24. This One's For You
25. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
26. Ready To Take A Chance Again
27. Daybreak
28. I Write The Songs
(Bruce Johnston cover)

29. Copacabana (At The Copa)
30. It's A Miracle





NERO set to energize the Electric Factory in Philly this Saturday, October 24th: Between II Worlds

Artist:  Nero

Venue:  The Electric Factory

Date:  Saturday, October 24, 2015

Time:  Doors 7:30pm, Show 8:30pm

Price:  $36-41 (All Ages Show)

Location:  421 N. 7th St., Philadelphia, PA 19123

British EDM group, Nero, hits up The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA this Saturday, October 24th. They are currently on tour in support of their new album, Between II Worlds.


Formed in the UK, the three pieced group consists of producers Dan Stephens and Joe Ray with the accompaniment of vocalist Alana Watson. On August 12th, 2011, the group unleashed their debut album into the world, Welcome Reality, featuring their hit single, “Promises.” In 2013, after having released a new collaborative remix of the song with Skrillex, the group won a Grammy. This year on September 11th, Nero released their sophomore album, Between II Worlds, featuring a remixed version of a track that was on Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby soundtrack, “Into the Past.”

Tickets are still available online at or they can be purchased in person. Doors open at 7:30 and the show starts at 8:30. Get there early to avoid the lines, enjoy the show! 


nero on the web:



"Started at the bottom now we're here," spoken by Power 93.5-FM radio station DJ and program manager Greg "The Hitman" Williams during the June 11 Power House Jam, led the crowd of nearly 6,000 young fans to erupt into an enormous applause that seemed to carry on for minutes.  History would be made this night as in the five year history of Intrust Bank Arena, never once had a hip hop artist, let alone six of them all in one night, performed at the fairly new arena tucked away in downtown Wichita, KS.  If there were ever to be a line-up that was sure to prove a point, this would be the one.  After all, the headliner of the night was none other than Lil Wayne.  

Sharing the bill for the inaugural Power House Jam were up and coming rappers Ty Dolla $ignFetty Wap, Kid Ink and hip hop pretty boy Trey Songz.  With the exception of Trey, each artist performed an approximate 20 minute set with as little as 5-10 minutes in between each set leaving the crowd little time to get bored or even recap the prior performance before the next artist was on.  Getting a restroom break in between sets was undoubtedly a challenge for all in attendance but was a smart move by promoters as this kept a high level of energy flowing in the arena leading up to the final big performers of the night.  Fetty Wap seemed to be a crowd favorite as he sang his most notable hit "Trap Queen" in which the arena became a sing-a-long to the recognizable and catchy chorus "...And I get high with my baby/I just left the mall/ I'm getting fly with my baby/And I can ride with my baby/I be in the kitchen cooking pies with my baby."  Kid Ink couldn't let Fetty Wap steal the show with that, so he made sure to close out his set in a more memorable way, by heading into the crowd and interacting face to face with fans in the VIP/floor area during his last song.  

The three opening artists did an incredible job of getting the crowd hype and out of their seats when The Hitman dropped a surprise announcement; Well known Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne was in the house and would then take the stage to perform "Hood Go Crazy."  Being a local favorite, the fans let Tech know they appreciated him being there by engaging back with the artist, hands in the air through the entire song. 

Performing with a full band behind him compared to the DJ set-ups of the previous artists, stage turnover for Trey Songz was a little longer affording fans the opportunity to grab a quick drink or bite to eat before heading right back to their seats to greet the highly anticipated and arguably best performer of the night.  Known for his baby face and pearly white smile, when Trey took the stage it was obvious that every lady in attendance was there for that moment alone.  Screams echoed throughout the arena that would be heard all most non-stop for the next 40 minutes.  "I Need a Girl" was a lady favorite as Trey asked Wichita fans "is my baby here tonight?" sending every girl into a heightened state of screaming that would soon be followed by the highlight of his performance in which his basic white t-shirt came off and went flying into the crowd sending a frenzy of fans to the floor fighting for the heart throb's clothing.  The shirt was eventually claimed by four young ladies in the front row attending the show together who would decide that the prized possession would be shared by all of them in the days to come.  If anything can be said regarding Trey Songz performance it is this, he is an all around incredible performer.  He can rap, dance, sing and interact with his audience in a flirty, almost spell binding fashion that made it impossible not to give all of your attention to the young artist during his performance.

There would then be only one artist remaining to leave his mark in Wichita during this historical Power House Jam.  But in contrast to the quick turnover of each artist prior, there was nothing quick about Lil Wayne's start time.  Scheduled to take the stage at 9:40, the rapper did not present until 40 minutes later at 10:20.  I'm sure most fans would agree that this was the longest 40 minutes of their lives.  Rumor has it that his flight arrived late to the private airport in the city.  I can only imagine that it must get rough flying from city to city in your own personal jet.  In irony, fans eagerly awaiting for the rapper to present himself may have wondered if there was any connection between Lil Wayne's recent and second, self released mix tape entitled Sorry For The Wait Part II.  Was this Sorry For The Wait Part III?  Fortunately, there was plenty of time for Snapchat and Twitter to pass the time while anticipating Lil Wayne's arrival to the stage.  At the precise moment in which that wait was finally over, every fan in attendance had their eyes planted on the head-to-toe tatted up, dread locked rapper double timing it on the mic right before them.  New Orleans style was in the house and Lil Wayne came to bring the roof down.  His set list began with a verse from the song "John" in which the song title references musician John Lennon followed by short verses from popular songs "Mrs. Officer," "Truffle Butter" and "Lollipop," just to name a few.  Shortly after his opening numbers Wayne interacted with his audience by letting them know he appreciated each and every one of them and telling fans not once but twice to give themselves a round of applause because "you're beautiful," followed by the statement "I didn't come here to talk, I came here to turn this b*tch up so if you're a Lil Wayne fan lets f**king go!" leading into popular track "A Milli."

It's no secret that Lil Wayne has had a recent, nasty battle with his record label Cash Money in which fans have been long awaiting the release of his eleventh studio album Tha Carter V that seems at this point to have no release date in sight, ever.  In the midst of the public drama, Wayne has still managed to produce and release tracks independently with the most recent track entitled "Glory," released exclusively via TIDAL.  This high tempo track which doesn't even require a single hook is part of yet another self released album entitled FWA or Free Weezy Album.  Lil Wayne informed fans of this soon to be released free album right before performing Glory, live, for the Power House Jam audience for the first time ever since its release.  Being that the track was so new and with limited access, Wayne acknowledged that most fans had yet to hear it unless they were paid subscribers to TIDAL.  He didn't feel it was fair to perform something never heard prior to walking us through it lyrically.  So, that's exactly what Lil Wayne did next.  The step-by-step poetic performance of Glory can be seen by fan footage here.  Can you say lyrical genius?  

Despite the delay in Lil Wayne's start time, short song performances and overall short set time for a headlining act, one thing is certain; referencing chorus lyrics from his opening song "John," "...If I die today/Remember me like John Lennon..." I have a feeling that if he were to die today he would not be remembered like John Lennon at all.  He would however be forever remembered as Lil Wayne, aka Lil Tunechi, aka Weezy F Baby, aka The Best Rapper Alive, to most, if not all rap fans.



see full picture gallery from power house jam here...

Marilyn Manson, Knee High Fox Bring The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour to the Chevy Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 28, 2015

The Pale Emperor, also known as Marilyn Manson, brought The Hell Not Hallelujah Tour to the Chevy Bricktown Events Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 28, 2015.  This tour is in direct support of Marilyn Manson’s latest album, The Pale Emperor, which was released through Marilyn Manson’s own Hell, etc. label on January 15th of this year in the U.S. and is the ninth studio album from the industrial rock band.  The album debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200, and spawned the singles “Deep Six,” “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge” and “Cupid Carries a Gun.”  Knee High Fox is the dedicated opening band for Marilyn Manson on this tour.

Though the weather was slightly chilly for the Tuesday evening of April 28th, that did not prevent legions of Marilyn Manson fans from wrapping a line around the Chevy Bricktown Events Center before the doors opened promptly at 7pm.  If this was anyone's first Marilyn Manson show this evening, it could easily have been mistaken for a line to get into The Rocky Horror Picture Show as they walked up to the venue since fans were dressed from everything from french maid styled outfits to all things goth.  This actually represents what Marilyn Manson's music and culture promotes...a place where everyone can be equal and share in the experience without being judged or labeled.

Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City, OK

The interior of the Chevy Bricktown Events Center was an ideal choice for this tour stop in Oklahoma City offering an extensive floor GA section that was priced starting at $40 a ticket, with multiple bars as well as a VIP balcony area for anyone 21+ years old.  Upon walking into the venue after the doors opened, it was tranquilly dark, with the majestic and eerie figures for Marilyn Manson's set under covers on the stage.  Chatter could be heard among the crowd discussing what theatrics or words The Pale Emperor himself will say to them during the show.  To many, Marilyn Manson is the emperor indeed and his words and thoughts carry great weight around the world, not just through his music, but his personal interaction with the audience as he is known to do during shows.

Christine (Chrissy) Connolly of Knee High Fox

After fans gathered to their final spots on the floor and up top at the edges of the VIP balcony, the lights fell even darker and went out as Knee High Fox took to the stage promptly at 8pm.  This L.A. based group, fronted by vocalist Christine (Chrissy) Connolly and consisting of Carlos Garcia (rhythm guitar), Simon Nagel (bass guitar) and Tuesdai Murgia (drums/percussion), brought the perfect energy to the crowd for Marilyn Manson as they performed a riveting and energetic 30 minute set that was reminiscent of the musical stylings of Flyleaf during the Lacey Strum era.  One of the best songs of the short setlist included the melodic, Black Widow, from the band's debut album that was produced with Howard Benson.  Shortly before finishing out their set, Chrissy invited everyone in the audience to meet the band shortly after their set at the merchandise booth area.

Marilyn Manson - April 28, 2015

After necessary restroom breaks and multiple trips to the bars, fans parked themselves at their final spots on the floor and in the VIP balcony areas for the headliner they've been waiting patiently and eagerly to see.  Marilyn Manson came on stage shortly after 9pm with large amounts of smoke permeating from the stage as well as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem playing in the backdrop as darkness and momentary flashing lights illuminated the shadowy figures taking the stage.  With his back to the crowd, Marilyn Manson opened up the 15 song setlist of the evening with "Deep Six."  Moments after the lights got brighter during the song, Marilyn Manson's familiar makeup and facial features became more visible to fans as the Pale Emperor himself stood before them wearing black gloves and a dark, cloak like jacket.  Paul Wiley (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Twiggy Ramirez (bass guitar) and Gil Sharone (drums/percussion) also had the familiar facial makeup and features Marilyn Manson's band has been known to appear with during their live shows.  The entire stage and venue had an appearance of being in a large chapel or church with painted glass type stage pieces with Marilyn Manson's face on it along with the cascading lighting effects penetrating the entire room at every level.  The lighting seemed to match Marilyn Manson's movements perfectly at times and was notably one of the high points of the evening as fans could be overheard talking about it.  

The onslaught of rock continued as Marilyn Manson brought classic tracks to the crowd such as "Disposable Teens," "mOBSCENE," "Sweet Dreams," and "Tourniquet."  During "Rock is Dead," large amounts of confetti filled the events center and glistened on the shoulders and heads of every fan in the room.  Some of the notable new tracks performed live at this show were from the new album, The Pale Emperor, "Deep Six," "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" and "Killing Strangers."  During "Killing Strangers," Marilyn Manson's knife like microphone, with it's large blade, was a perfect prop accompaniment to the song itself.  As the lights dimmed between songs once again, Marilyn Manson reappeared at a podium with a cross on it as to deliver a sermon in a church.  Indeed the Pale Emperor gave some words to the audience in a preaching manner and then started singing "Personal Jesus."  Stating that he wanted to "step it up a notch," Marilyn Manson then played "This Is The New Shit."  After a brief break, Marilyn Manson came on stage with the band to perform the last song of the evening, "Coma White."

Marilyn Manson - April 28, 2015

After performing for approximately 90 minutes, there was no doubt that Marilyn Manson's vocals and the band's performance was very much at it's peak during this tour.  For fans that missed this show, fear not, since it will run through mid summer of this year, and include festival appearances such as Carolina Rebellion in Concord, North Carolina and Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio before going overseas for the festivals in Europe and Asia.  Marilyn Manson will also co-headline another tour with Smashing Pumpkins in the latter half of the summer on the End Times Tour.  Get tickets now while you can, go to one of the upcoming shows and see why rock is indeed not dead.