Barry Manilow Brings It 'One Last Time' At The Intrust Bank Arena

Musical legend Barry Manilow brought his 'One Last Time' tour to the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS on Friday, February 19th.  Accompanying Barry for this show was Michael Lington, a Danish-American contemporary saxophonist who has worked with talented musicians such as Michael Bolton, Aaron Neville, Randy Crawford, Bobby Caldwell, Kenny Lattimore, Ryan Shaw, Joan Sebastian, Christian Castro and many others.  Barry Manilow himself has won multiple American Music Awards, Emmy Awards, a Grammy Award and countless other nominations and awards during his career spanning over four decades.  His timeless treasures were set to be well received by his fans known as "fanilows" of all ages from the man who '"writes the songs."  With his band of 13 musicians and singers, Manilow said, “We’re having a great time putting the show together.  We hope to take everyone on an emotional roller coaster. I can’t wait to see everyone dancing in the aisles.”  Dancing in the aisles is exactly what the fans thoroughly enjoyed at the Intrust Bank Arena this particular evening thanks to both Michal Lington and Barry Manilow.

The Intrust Bank Arena itself was the perfect host venue for Michael and Barry as it's newly opened concessions offer quite a bit of variety in terms of food and beverages, such as Qdoba with it's piled-high nachos and stuffed burritos and Wild Leaf with it's flatbreads, wraps and salads.  For an all ages show, it makes for a real treat to be able to go out with the family on a Friday evening to such an event and be able to patronize the venue's many, many on-site amenities.

Michael Lington

Michael Lington's saxophonic melodies opened up the evening at 7:30pm sharp with a lively medley of original songs as well as some favorite covers such as Kenny Loggins' "Danny's Song," which was one of the high points of his set. Michael continued to lead the arena with sing-a-long songs such as Isaac Hayes' "Soul Man" and Prince's "Kiss."  Michael's set was short but very entertaining.

A red curtain faced the crowd that eagerly awaited the Brooklyn born musician they all had waited to see.  At 8:15pm suddenly the lights dimmed, and the red curtain rose to a shadowy figure wearing a tuxedo jacket with tails standing in a spotlight.  The very introduction of Barry Manilow to the audience in this manner was  a tribute to shows of the past.  The energy and charisma of Barry Manilow, now 72 years old, would have you believe he is much, much younger from his very comedic dialogue as well as his boisterous stage movements and presence.  Audience members could be heard swooning over his every word and one lucky local fanilow was treated to an on stage dance with Barry when he looked her in the eyes in the front row and asked her, "do you want to dance with me?" during his performance of "Could It Be Magic."  Barry was accompanied by backup dancers and singers as well as a full band on high risers that completely complimented his stage presence and delivery.  Michael Lington made an appearance on stage with Barry as well during Barry's performance of "Brooklyn Blues."  One of the best moments of the night was when Barry took a moment to talk to the crowd about how if it weren't for his high school orchestra that he was a part of in high school years ago, that he would not be on the stage this evening had it not been for that major influence in his life.  Manilow then went on to describe his Manilow Music Project, that collects donated musical instruments that may be collecting dust in your home and could be used by a student in a school system that can no longer afford to buy instruments for their music programs.  The audience applauded loudly as he spoke of the many schools and children this project has been able to help so far.  "Music will change a young person's life," Barry said, and he is afterall, living proof of this statement.  

Barry Manilow

Barry's setlist from this performance can be read below, however a notable performance was when he sang "Mandy" while playing the piano as the 1975 version of Barry Manilow performed on screen during The Midnight Special performance that catapulted his career so many years ago.  Another unique and special performance was when Barry sang one of his songs off his recent Dream Duets album that was grammy nominated, "Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart," sang with an on screen Judy Garland.  Truly an amazing concept and performance that was a complete treat to all in the audience.  Performing hit after hit, Barry did not take any long breaks or extended time for an encore before finishing his performance with the all-time favorites, "Copacabana" and "It's A Miracle."

Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow, who recently had to cancel performances due to an emergency oral surgery, left no doubt that he can certainly bring it "one last time."  His showmanship and grandeur are something that is rarely seen in today's performances. Whether you are a fanilow or "dragged to the show" as Barry even joked, you'll want to catch one of these timeless and very entertaining performances one last time.


Barry Manilow


 Wichita, KS

February 19, 2016

1. It's A Miracle
2. Daybreak
3. Somewhere In The Night
4. Can't Smile Without You
5. Looks Like We Made It
6. Could It Be Magic
7. Brooklyn Blues
8. I Am Your Child
9. Even Now
10. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
(James F. Hanley cover) (duet with Judy Garland video)
11. Memory
(Elaine Paige cover)
12. Weekend In New England
13. I Made It Through the Rain
14. Mandy
(Scott English cover)

15. One Voice
16. The Old Songs
17. Bandstand Boogie
18. I Don't Want To Walk Without You
19. New York City Rhythm
20. Some Kind Of Friend
21. Read'em And Weep
22. Ships
23. Somewhere Down The Road
24. This One's For You
25. Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again
26. Ready To Take A Chance Again
27. Daybreak
28. I Write The Songs
(Bruce Johnston cover)

29. Copacabana (At The Copa)
30. It's A Miracle