Brad Paisley brings his Crushin' It World Tour to Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS

Three time Grammy award winner Brad Paisley brought his Crushin' It World Tour to Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS on February 25, 2016 with opening act Eric Paslay.  New country sensation Cam, best known for her hit "Burning House" was set to open the entire show but had to cancel early in the day due to reported flu.  She tweeted to fans "Dear Wichita,  I'm sick with the flu & high fever and can't perform tonight.  I am so incredibly sorry!!! Love you all."  

Not to be confused with Brad's last name of P.A.I.S.L.E.Y, Eric P.A.S.L.E.Y took the opportunity to get the crowd of nearly 6,000 in attendance pumped up and ready for a long night of country hits.  Eric is most famously known for singles "Friday Night" "Song About a Girl" "She Don't Love You" and "High Class," all of which were crowd favorites during his one hour set.

With a short 20 minute intermission in between artists, Brad came on at a very early 8:50 pm with opening number "Riverbank" in which the enormous illuminated backdrop of a screen displayed Brad partying along just that, a riverbank and his good friend Squirrel water skiing throughout.  

It would be during "Celebrity" that a larger than life Brad Paisley mascot would appear from backstage and take a stroll around the catwalk that extended around the floor pit to greet fans with high fives, hand shakes and selfies.  If fans weren't excited about the real life Brad before them, there was definitely no question that mascot Brad had each and every person in the arena completely amused. 

Mascot Brad was just one way that fans were kept intrigued throughout the one hour and 40 minute set.  During the entire show different sets of VIP fans could be seen being escorted on and off the stage to enjoy a number or two and for that matter a drink or two at Brad's Tavern,  an actual bar on stage.  One lucky, young fan near the front of the stage received an autographed acoustic guitar from Brad; a high class gesture Brad is known for at every show. 

Keeping up with modern times, while Brad was at the back of the house on a smaller stage he took out his cell phone and Face Timed into what appeared to be a dressing room in which he led into the song "Remind Me."  Fans erupted into applause immediately as they knew exactly what awaited them.  Moments later a beautiful Carrie Underwood would run into the dressing room and sing her part of the duet.  If this wasn't a way to reach out to the younger, tech savvy generation in the audience, I don't know what would be.  Immediately following this number Brad let his older generation know he was there for them too and performed "Old Alabama" while displaying video of the band Alabama on the stage screens in which the musicians appeared to be singing with him.  

Brad was full of these intimate fan moments throughout his entire set.  At one time he took to middle stage and simply stated "I don't know what to say, all my prayers are with the people, I believe it's north of here,"  referring to a senseless, mass shooting that had taken place only hours before the concert in  Hesston, KS, a small town just north of Wichita that had left the city and surrounding communities in shock and struggling to find answers and details while simply setting out for a night that should have embraced nothing but good times and happiness.  "We're in a room full of people that want to go on living and celebrate life in America and that's exactly what we're going to do."

With that, the crowd gave what was probably one of the loudest and most united applause's of the night.  And even if it were for just a few hours, on this night,  everyone in the room did celebrate life, thanks to you Mr. Brad Paisley.  You are welcome here anytime sir.  For your thoughtfulness, Wichita thanks you.

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1. Riverbank

2. Water

3. Moonshine in the Trunk

4. Celebrity

5. This Is Country Music

6. Beat This Summer

7. Perfect Storm

8. Country Nation

9. Whiskey

10. American Saturday Night

11. I'm Still a Guy

12. She's Everything

13. Ticks

14. Old Alabama

15. Waitin' on a Woman

16. Remind Me

17. Southern Comfort Zone

18. I'm Gonna Miss Her

19. Crushin' It

20. Mud on the Tires


21. Online

22. Then

23. Alcohol