Artifas, Aranda, Pop Evil, Theory of a Deadman - November 1, 2015

Sunday night, November 1st,  The Cotillion Ballroom was graced with the musical talents of Theory of a Deadman supported by Pop Evil, Aranda, and Artifas for T95's Day of the Dead Show. The Cotillion is always such a personal venue, no bad seats, and always a great view, and last night was no exception. Two hours before the doors opened, the Cotillion’s social media pages were buzzing about there being only 40 tickets left, and to no surprise, by the time Artifas rocked the stage there wasn’t a ticket left to be had, and vocalist Scottie Somerville made sure the whole room knew it with many thanks and expectations of most concert goers calling in to work the following day. The crowd erupted as he announced that the show was officially sold out, and off we went.

The show started out of the gate fast and loud with Artifas bringing their all from start to finish. The crowd was pumped up and rocking hard as soon as the first chords were struck and didn’t let up until the guys cleared the stage, and even then the energy followed them as they made their way to the merch booth to meet fans and hang out. Aranda kept the ball rolling with the same enthusiasm. They played many fan favorites and also some tracks from their new album “Not the Same,” which is out now. The floor and all of the tables continued to fill with fans awaiting the climax of the show, which did not disappoint.

T-95 Rock Squad

While crew members set up for Pop Evil’s set, Rick Thomas and the Rock Squad Girls from T95 gave everyone a special thanks for coming out and showed off their Day of the Dead make up and attire, which is always a crowd favorite at any event in Wichita, which just got everyone more psyched up for the upcoming performance.

Pop Evil brought it just as hard as everyone could have hoped. With favorites such as “Torn to Pieces” and “Trenches” being accompanied by songs like “Footsteps (Go Higher)” from their new album “Up,” which released this year  on eOne Music, there was something for everyone in attendance to love, and who doesn’t love Pop Evil? Even though there were four bands in attendance tonight, the crowd certainly didn’t lose energy by the time Canadian headliners Theory of a Deadman walked out on to the stage (I’m sure the playing of South Park’s “Blame Canada” tonight was a coincidence). Their set ranged from some classic hits like “By the Way” and “Hate My Life” to their newest single “Blow.” From each member’s unique animation on stage to vocalist Tyler Connolly’s shotgun mic stand, Theory of a Deadman brought the house down with not only their musical presence, but their stage presence. They finished up the night with “Bad Girlfriend” from their 2008 album “Scars and Souvenirs.” The band threw any remaining picks and drum sticks to an ecstatic crowd and left the stage leaving this packed house definitely looking to see when they’d be returning again, which we can only hope will be soon. If that’s too long of a wait, this tour will be hitting up cities such as Baltimore on the 4th, Chicago on the 8th, and Green Bay on the 13th. For a full list of tour dates you can check out their Facebook page at


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