New Year's Evil: Presented By 97.1 The Eagle At The Bomb Factory - 12/31/2015

The Bomb Factory - Dallas, TX

     There were many places you could have chosen to be on New Year’s Eve, but by far the best choice would have been at 97.1 The Eagle's New Year's Evil Show at The Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX. If you weren’t there, then you missed out on one of the best shows of 2015 and one of the best ways to ring in 2016. 

Even The Dead Love A Parade

     The night started with Even The Dead Love A Parade. They came out fast and heavy, which was exactly what the crowd needed to get the long night going. These guys came out and ran the stage as if they were the final act of the evening and totally owned their set. Following the opening act was Red Sun Rising, who gave a musically sound performance. All aspects of their set were on point from the drums to the melodic vocals. They played a variety of hits ranging from the album Making of Kings to Polyester Zeal


     Next on the stage was fan favorite, Islander. These guys never disappoint in their live shows and New Year’s Eve was certainly no exception. From singer Mikey walking on the crowd to guitar player J.R’s dragon tail, you never know what to expect from this group aside from an awesome time. If you haven’t had the chance to catch a show you can see them on this year’s Shiprocked cruise that is heading out early this year. 

     After Islander’s insane performance came Nothing More. This group has so many unique traits that really make them stand out from the crowd. The vibrato sound of Jonny Hawkins’ voice, to the out-of-this-world drumming from all members, and their captivating use of what they call The Bassinator put these guys right at the top of the “must see” list for 2016. They played hits like "Mr. MTV," "Jenny," and their newest single "Here’s To The Heartache." If the crowd was not at full attention, they certainly were now.

Nothing More

     Next up was the much anticipated, recently Grammy nominated, Sevendust. This group has been touring for many years and each show seems like it’s their favorite one yet. They made everyone in the room feel welcome and like each person belonged there. Hit after hit came from the stage including songs such as "Enemy" and "Face To Face." Lead singer Lajon Witherspoon took a moment towards the end of their set to dedicate a song to his late brother, and at this point there weren’t too many dry eyes left in the house. The passion and dedication that emitted from the stage while they played was infectious and empowering. They were certainly the right group to have wrapping up the year at this show.

     After the killer performance put on by Sevendust, it was time for what many in the room had been waiting for all night. The plan was for HellYeah to perform a few songs and then ring in the new year with the traditional countdown. Due to some technical difficulties, the set was briefly postponed, but still raged on just the same. The group opened with their heavy hit "Hellyeah" and proceeded to ring in the new year with a “redone” countdown complete with confetti and cheering. The time outside the venue didn’t matter, the new year got rang in just the same. A performance from HellYeah wouldn’t be complete without singer Chad being drenched in his signature (fake) blood for the last half of the performance, and the fans absolutely loved it. Each member was so energetic and the crowd was unbelievably hyped from beginning to end. They played hits from the very beginning, like "Alcohaulin' Ass" all the way up to their latest hit, "Sangre Por Sangre."  

     I couldn’t imagine a better way to have celebrated the end of 2015 and ringing in 2016. The line up at The Bomb Factory was expertly chosen and gave something for everyone to be excited about. The majority of the bands talked about new material coming this year and that definitely gave everyone something to look forward to in the rock scene of 2016. 


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