The Mighty REO Speedwagon Brings Musical Talent to The Midland

Thursday, November 5th, rock and roll greats REO Speedwagon and opening musician David George of David George & A Crooked Mile played to a full house at the Midland Theater in downtown Kansas City. The classic setting of this historic theater was the perfect place to host such legendary acts.

David George was energetic and really started to get the crowd going early on, even as he played an acoustic set without his usual band mates. Earlier that day George had put on his Twitter feed that it was “a little last minute,” but REO Speedwagon had asked him to perform that night “at 8:09pm SHARP!” - and perform he did. He ended his set with one of his most popular songs "Hey, Kansas City!" which for obvious reasons was an absolute hit with the crowd.

After some announcements and hyping up from local radio personalities from 101 The Fox, the men from REO took the stage and gave the long awaiting crowd exactly what they’d been hoping for; another amazing visit from REO Speedwagon. This was the eigth visit they’ve made to Kansas City in just nine years and the people there just never seem to tire of their returns. Their tour stops in the great city began back in 1973 and have continued to pull large crowds each time, and Thursday night was certainly no exception. They opened with the song "Don’t Let Him Go" and song after song the crowd was singing right along with them. Although this was a “seated floor,” there were certainly not many people using those chairs for more than placeholders, as almost everyone was on their feet from start to finish. One thing that really got the crowd going was the multiple hat tips and congrats aimed at the recent World Series champs, the Kansas City Royals, who have just been crowned the title. Just before their final song, vocalist Kevin Cronin retrieved some Royals memorabilia  from backstage and gave it away to the crowd. He mentioned having one more item that he needed to get and then triumphantly returned with...the World Series Trophy! The crowd erupted once more in their “Let’s go Royals!” chant and were greeted by Royals’ communications VP Mike Swanson. REO Speedwagon ended the night with a bang and performed their final song of the evening "Ridin’ Out the Storm. "

Kansas City is lucky to have such an iconic band show so much love for them. They bring fun, entertainment, and amazing music each time they come. No matter how many times we’ve heard the songs, they never get old and always make toes tap, or as we saw on Thursday night, whole rooms of people sing and dance. We’ll be looking forward to the next show they bring our way. 



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