Texas Showdown Festival 2015

Texas Showdown Festival 2015 Lineup

Event Highlights:

  • Texas Showdown Festival - Tattoo & Music Fest
  • Dates: July 17-19, 2015
  • Venue: County Coliseum, El Paso, TX
  • Gates open 12pm daily, starting on Friday, July 19th
  • All ages show
  • Children 12 years old and under are admitted free
  • Tickets are available online or at the Coliseum Box office with no service fees up to and during the festival
  • Price: $55.50 a day, or $130 for a weekend pass for all three days with a Military I.D. or $150 for a weekend pass for all three days without a Military I.D.
  • Activities: Live music, BMX stunt shows, carnival rides, sideshows, over 300 tattoo artists and vendors, Twin Peaks food and beverage service, multiple food and beverage vendors

The annual tattoo & music festival returns for it's sixth year in 2015 on July 17-19th in El Paso, Texas at the County Coliseum and promises to be so jam packed with music and activity for all, that you'll barely have time to check your Snapchat.  When George Galindo, the festival organizer and tattoo entrepreneur, announced this year's incredible lineup and available on-site activities early on in the year, there was no doubt that this year's festival would be one of the most anticipated festivals of 2015 complete with carnival rides, BMX stunt shows and so much more.

The Texas Showdown Festival 2015 Promotional Trailer

The music lineup consists of an excellent mix of genres that includes artists such as Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, The Offspring, Yelawolf, Buckcherry, Hollywood Undead and even DJ Starscream which is Sid Wilson or #0 from Slipknot to name just a few.  The schedule is loaded with live music from the minute the gates open on Friday, July 17th at 12pm clear up until The Offspring closes out the festival on Sunday, July 19th.  The lineup definitely has something for everyone especially considering it's an all ages show.

The music isn't the only thing that will appeal to your senses, especially considering vendors such as the Clasico Kitchen Bar will be serving their famous Micheladas in the Outdoor Bar at the festival.  Twin Peaks will also be on site and the Twin Peaks' ladies will be serving food and beverages from 12pm-12am daily.  American Born Moonshine will also be available at the Outdoor Bar on site.  

Clasico Kitchen Bar's Famous Micheladas at the Outdoor Bar

Twin Peaks Food & Beverage Service Daily

Moonshine at the Outdoor Bar

With over 300 confirmed well-known tattoo artists at the festival, you will have plenty of visual stimulation and inspiration to get that first, second, tenth or thousandth tattoo at this year's Texas Showdown Festival.  Check out the hundreds of artists that will be on site here.

Tattoos by Joshua Carlton

Tattoos by Stefano

Tattoos by Roman

There will also be daily BMX stunt shows at 3pm and 5pm at the BMX/Motorcross course on site. 

Still need more to do at one of the largest music and tattoo festivals in the world?  Well, you're in luck, because there also will be a whole section of carnival rides at stage right for you to explore and have fun on.

The festival grounds are laid out for ease of access to all of the music and on site activities.  Be sure to plan ahead and have a designated meeting spot in case you get separated from your group or in case of an emergency.

The Texas Showdown Festival is one of the most comprehensive music and entertainment festivals out there.  If you haven't already bought a ticket or planned the trip, luckily for you tickets are still available and there is a door to door itinerary that can be built just for you from your location to the venue on the festival's homepage.  So buy your tickets, print your itinerary, pack your camera and head to the Texas Showdown Festival, because you never know what kind of fun you will find and what artist you may bump into!