Papa Roach Release Their New Album F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) on January 27, 2015

 F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) - Eleven Seven Music  Release Date:  January 27, 2015  1. ‘Face Everything And Rise’ 2. ‘Skeletons’ 3. ‘Broken as Me’ 4. ‘Falling Apart’ 5. ‘Love Me Til It Hurts’ 6. ‘Never Have To Say Goodbye’ 7. ‘Gravity’ 8. ‘War Over Me’ 9. ‘Devil’ 10. ‘Warriors’

F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) - Eleven Seven Music

Release Date:  January 27, 2015

1. ‘Face Everything And Rise’
2. ‘Skeletons’
3. ‘Broken as Me’
4. ‘Falling Apart’
5. ‘Love Me Til It Hurts’
6. ‘Never Have To Say Goodbye’
7. ‘Gravity’
8. ‘War Over Me’
9. ‘Devil’
10. ‘Warriors’

Papa Roach's highly anticipated 8th full-length album F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) is set to be released on January 27, 2015 under Eleven Seven Music.  After touring virtually non-stop for the past two years since the release of the previous album The Connection, Papa Roach entered the studio for this album self-admittedly with minimal material to start the recording process from.  Tony Palermo (drummer) recently told All Access Live in an interview, "We went in with no previously written material.  It's the first time we'd ever done that.  We hammered it out in like 3 months, it was a great experience."  What fans will soon see, and hear, is that this actually yielded one of the most dynamically arranged and compelling Papa Roach albums released to date.  Papa Roach set up shop in a rented house in Las Vegas, Nevada with producers Kevin and Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment) and completed the recording process in approximately 3 months.  How difficult is it to record in Las Vegas with all it's glamour and distractions?   Tony Palermo told All Access Live, "You know when you're in Vegas, there's so many distractions, but it gets old quick, we went out a few times, we saw a few bands, but we rented a house and wrote during the day and continued the creative process when we went home."  Fans can pre-order F.E.A.R. if not previously done so through various online music stores such as iTunes to reserve their copy today.  

So what's the track by track break-down for F.E.A.R.?  Let's take a look on this first listen.

1. Face Everything And Rise

The first of 10 tracks on the album is the already released self-titled single, F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise).  The official music video for the track was released in November of 2014 and the song is already in the setlist for Papa Roach's current tour.  

After a short melodic intro, Face Everything And Rise immediately starts delivering a hard-hitting punch in your face sound performed by Jerry Horton (rhythm guitar), Tobin Esperance (bass guitar) and Tony Palermo (drums/percussion).  Jacoby Shaddix (lead vocals) then lays on lyrics such as "The streets crawl with a deadly omen, Oustide I see a world that's broken, I can't breathe, my heart is choking, I need a cure for this life I've chosen" as he takes us through a lyrical defiant counter punch to all things that present adversity in our lives, "I will face everything and rise, never gonna quit until I die."

2. Skeletons

The second track continues in the arrangement with a hard, edgy sound but is a slighter slower tempo than the previous track with a chance to hear Jacoby sing a bit more as he sings "Brick by brick I've built this wall, I shut you out to break the fall, I will shed my sins, I'll show you my skeletons, One by one we cast the stones, Flesh and blood, and broken bones, Burn away the sins, We all have our skeletons."  Tony recently described to All Access Live that "Skeletons" is one of his favorite tracks off of the new album to perform.

3. Broken As Me

With a fading intro, track number three slams us into a succinct groove that takes us right into the very formula and root of what Papa Roach fans love, a defiant statement "You're just as broken as me!" followed by the continued lyrical assault "Shut your mouth, cause I can see through your lies, We're only getting sicker, From the secrets we hide."  Tobin describes this song and intro as a "straight-up fucking basher!"  Jacoby's defiant scream after "Just as broken as, You're just as broken as me!" is sure to be a popular sung back to lyric by fans as Jacoby sings this in the crowds as he is during the current tour.

4. Falling Apart

The fourth track is arguably one of the most different songs we've heard from Papa Roach and is very compelling as it takes you through a journey.  Tony Palermo stated that this song is one of the "most progressively written songs they've ever written" while Tobin Esperance said "it's a very rhythmic song and it's really fun to play."  Lyrics such as "I Stand here again, foresaken in a place that feels like I can never win.  I'm reaching for a saving grace.  I can't even trust no one.  I need to rise above.  I don't think I'm good enough to feel your perfect love" are sung while the drums and guitar are block by block a perfect arrangement to the lyrics.  Undoubtedly one of the best songs on the album.

5. Love Me Till It Hurts

This fifth track is a perfect mix of drums and guitar to Jacoby singing "We fell in love, but then we went to war, Now I'm the enemy, I'm not your doll, It's true, I'm only fighting for you."  The chorus "Will you love me till it hurts? Never leave me at my worst? Break this cycle, break this curse, Love me till it hurts" is destined to be sung word for word by fans at any Papa Roach show if performed.

6. Never Have To Say Goodbye

Bringing the tempo down a bit, the sixth track is the fourth song released by the band as a single from the album F.E.A.R. and is lyrically an emotional letter that is sung aloud with lyrics like "We never have to say goodbye, Cause I can feel you from the afterlife, And I just wanna say, that every single day, You make me take a deeper look inside." 

7. Gravity

The powerful exchange between Maria Brinks of In This Moment and Jacoby on this ballad-esque seventh track is laced with melodies and a softer tempo that compliments the very lyrics sung over them.  Softer until you hear Maria's emotional lyrical onslaught of a verse, "You love me, you hate me, you kiss me, you break me, You lifted me up, just to watch as you broke me, You promised me, look me straight in the eyes, Don't matter what you say, I don't know truth from the lies, I helped you up, like I always do, I forgave you for your sins and I carry you through them, What the hell have we thought, we always knew,You will bleed for me, and I will bleed for you."

8. War Over Me

The eighth track is a declaration of "War Over Me" as Jacoby sings a punchy barrage of lyrics like, "I'm standing on the front lines, I'm fighting for my soul, I've walked the self-destructive lonely road, I read the warning signs but I was to blind to see, I have to feel the pain till I believed, I have a purpose, This is war, this is war, Since the day I was born, I would die just to live, just to bleed, I will fight for my life, Turn my darkness, to light, This is war, its a war over me."

9. Devil

The intro to the ninth track is a bit slower in tempo than the previous tracks as it sets the groove for an overall softer track, but one that yields a punch to the song as Jacoby is heard singing about self-reflection with the lyrics, "My reflection is all I see, I don't wanna finish what we started
I never should've let you in, You thought I was an easy target, Now I know who you are, who the devil is, You can try to take my salvation, You can try to take everything, I'm not asleep to your temptation, 'Cause I know who you are and who the devil is."

10. Warriors

The tenth track presents the best way to culminate the F.E.A.R. listening experience with a wide array of different sounds that Papa Roach and rapper Royce Da 5'9" take the listener through with the overall strengthening lyrics, "We are the warriors! We are the warriors! We are the warriors! We are the warriors!"  The intro and track overall is fused with a bit of electronic melodies backed by Papa Roach's edgy, hard hitting sound.

So is it worth going out and getting F.E.A.R. on Tuesday, January 27th when it's released?  The simple answer is, YES!  The album on iTunes is only $8.99 for 10 tracks of Papa Roach that is not only reminiscent of their roots but yet a completely new and different sound with the heart gripping lyrics and passion we've all come to love this band for.  The feeling after listening to the album can be best surmised by Jacoby's own words regarding it, "I hope people walk away believing they can do anything."