Contract agreed with new promoter for rock music festival at the

- DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG to stage the rock music festival in 2015 -

- Successor event to ‘Rock am Ring’ to be called ‘Grüne Hölle - Rockfestival am Nürburgring’ -

- High-carat programme with leading international rock bands -

Nürburg / Berlin, 03.06.2014. The Nürburgring is to remain the venue for one of Europe’s biggest
rock music festivals for the next few years. That is the outcome of the negotiations leading to the
contract signed by capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH (CNG), the future operator of the
Nürburgring, and concert promoter DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG). Going by the
name ‘Grüne Hölle - Rockfestival am Nürburgring’, the festival, traditionally held on the first
weekend in June, will see the biggest rock bands in the world appear at the Nürburgring from 5 to
7 June 2015. The names of the artists and superstars of the international music scene are to be
kept secret until the pre-sale period starts. The organiser of tours and concerts by Iron Maiden,
Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Peter Maffay, U2 and many others, DEAG is one of
the best known promoters in the international music business. “We are delighted to have struck a
deal for an initial five-year period with DEAG, an internationally experienced concert promoter with
a successful business structure in Europe. It means we can guarantee to maintain the tradition of
rock music at the Nürburgring for the next few years, especially as the Nürburgring enjoys
international cult status among rock fans. That’s a boost for the fans and a boost for the
Nürburgring. The Nürburgring is and will remain the mecca for rock fans in Europe”, said Carsten
Schumacher, managing director of CNG.

For the some 80,000 rock fans expected to travel from Germany and beyond, everything at the
‘Grüne Hölle - Rockfestival am Nürburgring’ in 2015 will be almost the same as it was before – only
the promoter will change. Instead of a four-day event, the future open-air festival will return to the
tried and tested three-day format. Nor will fans have to dig deeper into their pockets, with ticket
prices remaining stable. There will, of course, again be a pre-sale phase with reduced entry prices.
Also guaranteed is the unique and unparalleled music festival atmosphere. The three stages
catering for different musical tastes will be retained, as will the sophisticated infrastructure with the
numerous tent and caravan pitches. The organisation remains in the experienced hands of the
Nürburgring team. “We will deliver a very attractive, high-quality musical programme. This will be
helped by our recent acquisition of the leading British concert, tour and festival promoter,
Kilimanjaro Live. That gives us considerable synergy effects in international concert procurement
and in artist marketing that the fans will also notice at the programme for the Nürburgring”, said
Prof. Peter L. H. Schwenkow, CEO of Berlin-based DEAG.

With Stuart Galbraith (CEO Kilimanjaro Live), the promoter of legendary festivals such as Live Aid,
Live8, the Hyde Park Events and many others, and Ossy and Oliver Hoppe (Wizard Promotions),
two of the most internationally prominent promoters of hard rock events are now under the DEAG
umbrella. This ensures that the Nürburgring will remain the iconic venue for the rock festival in
Europe in the years to come.

About capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH (CNG) 

Following an EU-compliant investor process, capricorn NÜRBURGRING Besitzgesellschaft mbH has been given the go-ahead to buy the Nürburgring. capricorn NÜRBURGRING GmbH - the new operator - will take over the business operations of the Nürburgring from 1 January 2015. The
partners of capricorn NÜRBURRGING GmbH are capricorn GROUP and GetSpeed GmbH & Co

About DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG)

DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG is a leading provider of live entertainment and the largest
promoter of high-margin classical music events in Europe. With affiliated companies in Germany,
the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Austria, DEAG stages more than 1,500 events each year in
the fields of Rock/Pop, Classical Music, German Hit Songs & Middle-of-the-Road Music as well as
Family Entertainment and sells more than 4 million tickets. For 2014 DEAG is expecting a total
revenue of 200 million euros.
Latest news concerning the rock music festival ‘Grüne Hölle - Rockfestival am Nürburgring’ can
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