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December 4, 2014

Following their performance at Lizards Lounge in Wichita, KS on December 3, 2014, Snot guitarist Mikey Doling catches up with AAL's Sara Meek about the bands' current North American tour, their new lead singer and plans in 2015 


AAL:  Mikey!  How are you?  Man, you are the hardest rocker to catch up with! 

Mikey:  Good Sara, how about you? Sorry for the phone tag yesterday and today, it’s been busy with the tour and what not, I’m glad we finally caught up with one another.

AAL:  No worries!  I know the tour life is busy and fast paced.  Definitely glad we caught each other as well.  AAL was in the house last night to catch Snot’s set at Lizard Lounge here in Wichita.  What a kick ass crowd you guys had in there! Your fans love you guys!!

Mikey:  (laughing) Thanks, yeah they were pretty crazy but it was a good one!

AAL:  How have the other stops on the tour been so far?  Your new front man Carl Bensley seems to be an amazing fit with the band, his vocals last night were on point and his energy was incredible.  How did Carl come to be the new lead singer of Snot? 

Mikey:  The tour is going great so far, we’re getting a really good response from the fans that are coming out to see us.  We still have multiple dates throughout the month of December on our current tour Fuck the Record Fuck the People where our set list originates from our album Get Some which we play in its entirety; Then in February we’ll head to Europe so we’re looking forward to that.  Carl has been a good friend of mine for many years.  He was in another band before and then that was kind of at a still point, you know bands do that sometimes, this is an industry where everyone just has different personalities ya know?  Members come and go.  Snot was to a point where we all wanted to come back together and do this thing again.  So I hit up Carl and he came, we all rehearsed together and it just fit.  He’s been a real good fit for the band.

AAL:  Europe coming up?  That’s awesome!  You guys haven’t wasted any time getting right back out there on the circuit.  Where are your show dates in Europe?

Mikey:  You know, I really don’t know all of the specifics but that’s all set to be finalized in the next few days so then we’ll be announcing that information.  I know we have like 31 tour dates or something like that so it’ll be a good run.

AAL:  Lots of exciting things on the horizon!  The revival of Snot with a new lead singer, the current and upcoming tours, is this something that you foresaw in years past or when Snot was at a non-existent point did you lose sight of this band ever getting back together again?

Mikey:  I didn't really think about it too much to be honest.  Like I said this is an industry where people come and go in bands for different reasons.  The band as it is now is all original members with the exception of our new lead vocalist of course.  The only original member not present is our original lead singer Lynn Strait who passed away in 1998.

AAL:  I’m sure many people are curious; Tommy Vext was known as Snot’s previous vocalist and has only recently departed from the band.  If you don’t mind me asking, was Tommy’s exit on good terms?  How is the relationship between you guys and Tommy following his departure?

Mikey:  Oh yeah it was all a good deal.  Tommy leaving was just kind of what was happening right now, he’s doing other things with his band Westfield Massacre.  It wasn't anything bad and there’s definitely no bad blood there.  We’re still good friends and talk so it’s worked out good for everyone.

AAL:  That’s good to hear!  Aside from Snot touring and being busy with that do you have any solo projects that you’re working on?

Mikey:  Definitely, I’m always busy with something or another.  I write and produce music and I’m also in another band, Channel Zero, out of Europe and we've just released our sixth album Kill All Kings, so I've been busy with that music piece as well and touring for that band.  Really all of us guys stay busy aside from our work with Snot, every one of us have other bands that we’re members of so we’re all constantly busy and on the go.


AAL:  I can imagine!  How do you find time for yourself and stay grounded among all of the craziness in the music industry?

Mikey:  Well, I don’t know (laughing), I just do.  I have a family, I have a son and a wife and so I like to be with my family of course, I live in Japan right now so I spend my free time there with them.  But I’m definitely always on the go and doing something.

AAL:  You’re definitely a busy guy, Mikey!  I’ll let you get back to the hustle and bustle of things but I appreciate you taking the time to chat with me.  Congrats on the current and upcoming tour dates with Snot and you guys stay safe out there on the road.

 Mikey:  Thanks so much, Sara, it was my pleasure, take care. 


snot is: 

Carl Bensley - vocals, Mike Doling - guitars, Sonny Mayo - guitars, John Fahnestock - bass, Jamie Miller - drums 



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interview by: sara meek